Frequently Asked Questions

Find the Answers to Your Questions About Debt Relief

Why should I use or even trust Top Financial Relief?

Trust is a difficult thing to obtain and more importantly, to keep. We can ask you to trust us but again, we haven’t earned it. So how do we earn it? Once you have opted to use our program your file will be handed over to a Case Manager in our law office. The Case Manager will analyze your current financial situation and the debts you have chosen to enroll. Shortly thereafter you will receive a follow up call. It is during this call that you will be informed of everything that is going to be done on your behalf and each and every move we anticipate your creditors will make. There will be no surprises three, six, or twelve months into the program. you will be made aware of what to expect well in advance. It is then you will see that we kept our word and therefore, very trustworthy. Using us is a “no brainer”, we have the best customer service in the industry.

Is a Debt Relief Program right for me?

Debt Relief is specifically designed for individuals that want to avoid Bankruptcy and be debt free in as short a period as possible. Individuals or families that have assets they want to protect from forced liquidation as a result from Bankruptcy will also benefit from Debt Relief. What really determines its viability is if you answer yes to any of these questions than it is most definitely right for you.

1. Have you been struggling with making your minimum monthly payments?
2. Do you anticipate having problems making you minimum monthly payments in the near future?
3. Do you find yourself making partial payments to your creditors?
4. Do you often miss making your payments?
5. Has your credit score continually dropped over the course of the last six to twelve months?
6. Is more than 35% of your monthly income going towards paying your creditors?

Are Debt Relief Programs affordable?

Debt Relief Programs as a rule are more affordable than the current monthly payments you are making to your creditors. For example, if your total monthly payments add up to $350. With a debt relief program your new monthly payment will be anywhere from $200 to $225 and this includes the attorney’s fee.

How does a debt relief program work?

If you decide a debt relief program is right for you then this is what will be asked of you. In lieu of paying your creditors directly you will set aside a predetermined amount of money in a savings settlement account for the term you decided on when you enrolled. The only people that will have access to those funds will be your attorney and you. As your settlement savings account grows and there is enough money accumulated to approach one of your creditors with a settlement offer, we will do so. We generally offer 30% of the debt owed initially and will go as high as 50% but will hold off when the creditor asks for more than 50%.

Does a Debt Relief Program impact my Credit Score?

The short and quick answer is yes, it will negatively impact your credit score. So with that said, let me ask you a few questions. If you answered yes to any of the questions asked of you above, there is a very good chance your credit score has already started to deteriorate. If your near-term plans are to purchase a home or new car then you may want to reconsider a debt relief program. If you want to be debt free in a fraction of the time and at minimal cost then you will most likely not take issue with a negative credit score while you are in the program.